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Supporting An Agile, Hybrid Cloud Environment

Supporting An Agile, Hybrid Cloud Environment

You are likely to be on a journey to cloud with a roadmap to migrate to a hybrid environment that will see some equipment remaining on-premise, some elements moved to a private cloud and over time, increasing use of public cloud services and applications. The mix of this hybrid environment is set to change over time.  As you continue your journey, it is also critical that you have a Managed Service Provider that understands and can help you embrace the hybrid world.

During this transitionary time, a partner that understands both on-premises and cloud environments is invaluable. They can assist in the migration of infrastructure to cloud, are experienced at unifying the management of hybrid environments and can add considerable value in helping you understand what is possible and evaluate all of your available options.

Guiding You On Your Options

Along your journey to the cloud there are so many options available to you and it is vital you understand all of these and get help in making the right decisions. Do you create a private cloud environment?  What are the best options in terms of public cloud services and how do you manage those applications and servers that cannot move to cloud?

Impartial advice from a partner that has expertise across the whole hybrid world is key in truly understanding all of the choices and recognising that some options you take may just be an incremental step.

Simplifying The Public Cloud

Where there are many benefits from utilising a public cloud service, simplicity is probably not one. For many IT teams it is a challenge to understand all of the services that are available, how these work together, which ones are needed and which pricing model is applied.

In many cases, organisations find themselves paying too much for a public cloud environment that does not entirely meet their needs, not to mention the periodic ‘bill shock’ that can occur.

Getting help here can prove invaluable; accessing specific expertise around Azure or AWS can save you a great deal of time and ensures you get the service you need. Likewise, leveraging the expertise of a partner who understands public cloud can ensure you continue to optimise these services.

Taking Care of The Misfits

Not everything that currently sits in your comms room or on-premise data centre can be moved to the cloud. The challenge is, as you migrate more of your infrastructure you create a disproportionate cost to maintain the misfits.

Utilising co-location can prove to be an attractive option for these applications and you should be relying on your MSP to assist you with the migration to this environment and ongoing management until a point that these applications can move to cloud.

Creating Unified Management of a Hybrid World

The biggest challenge once you are in the hybrid world is consolidated management. Many organisations fail to see the full benefits of moving to the cloud as they don’t unify management and have the additional overhead of managing three environments: on-premises, private cloud and public cloud.

As each of your business-critical applications and the experiences they provide to end-users and customers likely spans across all parts of your hybrid world, ensuring these perform requires a holistic approach to operations. You need visibility and performance insights that spans the different clouds, security and access management that is consistent across clouds and a management framework across all environments.

This again points to the need to have in place a Managed Service Partner that is not focused solely on one specific environment but are truly experts in hybrid environments. Their focus should be on helping you seamlessly migrate across environments and to create next generation operations that holistically covers the hybrid world.

At Thrive we do exactly that; we have expertise in on-premises infrastructure, private cloud environments and public cloud services. We would love to talk to you about your specific challenges and explore how Thrive can provide you a more holistic managed service. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01582 211530 or through our Contact Us page.