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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Thrive’s Dark Web Monitoring

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Thrive’s Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and more complex, so it’s vital to be proactive and lower the odds of a successful breach. That’s why Thrive now offers a Dark Web Monitoring service. By spotting company and personal data as well as employee credentials out in the wild sooner, Thrive gives your organization the ability to respond before they are leveraged by cyber criminals. The service can also protect your brand by detecting doppelgänger domains that imitate your own.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring involves monitoring and analyzing the content of the dark web, a part of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines and is often associated with illegal activities. It aims to identify any mentions of sensitive information, such as personal data or company credentials, that may have been compromised and are being traded or sold on these hidden online platforms. This surveillance can also pick up on threat actors discussing future attacks against specific domains or IP addresses.

What Is Domain Threat Detection?

Besides tracking dark web activity related to your business, Thrive’s services include domain threat detection. Domain threat detection focuses on monitoring domain names and their associated infrastructure for potential security threats. Look-a-like domains that use transposed letters or a different extension could be used for phishing attacks, malware distribution, or brand impersonation. Thrive helps organizations identify and mitigate risks related to their online presence, protecting both their reputation and the security of their employees, partners and customers.

How Can Dark Web and Domain Threat Monitoring Prevent a Successful Cyber Attack?

With dark web and domain threat monitoring, Thrive is able to help organizations identify and expose any compromised domain names or sensitive data that may have been leaked into the dark web, ready for bad actors to purchase and use against your organization. Any sensitive data is susceptible to breach, such as social security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. With Thrive, we ensure that all sensitive data related to your organization and its employees are kept safe and are closely monitored.

One common method of launching a cyber attack or phishing campaign is called typosquatting, which is when a cyber criminal registers a domain that is very similar to a legitimate domain to trick users who are not paying close attention. With knowledge about these doppelgänger domains, organizations can warn their stakeholders and engage their legal team to take down the domain.

Another attack vector is a compromised login credential. Employees often reuse credentials at multiple websites or applications, so if the account is compromised as part of a breach (even one that seems insignificant), attackers will attempt to use the same credentials on other common websites. To help mitigate a breach due to an employee’s credentials being compromised, requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) or other stringent login requirements, such as regular password updates, can reduce your risk of exposure. Should a breach occur, Thrive will notify your organization which account and password has been compromised, so that any other accounts using the same password can be updated.

How Thrive Can Help

With Thrive, you will have an expert team dedicated to keeping your organization proactively protected. Through our dark web and domain threat detection services, we are able to help close doors before attacks even try to open them. Contact Thrive today to learn more about Dark Web Monitoring.