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MegaCortex Ransomware: Big-Game Hunter

MegaCortex Ransomware: Big-Game Hunter

Another ransomware strain is on the scene: MegaCortex.

Possibly named in honor of the software company in the movie The Matrix, MetaCortex, the new ransomware has unleashed its initial salvos on the international scene.

Per Sophos, MegaCortex has hit networks in the U.S., Canada, and several European countries including France and Italy. The attackers behind the ransomware are employing sophisticated methods, using a mix of both automated tasks and manual finesse to infect its victims.

“Big-game hunting” with MegaCortex

MegaCortex is following a growing trend with ransomware masterminds utilizing highly targeted and meticulously planned attacks on choice targets versus mass campaigns.

Just as big-game hunters in real life target the largest animals, big-game hunting within the context of the cybercrime world is where attackers are looking to break into the largest networks. Falling in line with this mindset, MegaCortex looks to have been designed to attack sprawling enterprise networks.

Because the attacks are more devious and deliberate than the typical mass scam emails, users must be especially wary.

An endless parade of ransomware strains

There’s no slowdown apparent in the global ransomware assault.

“Hackers have been far too successful with ransomware over the past years,” said Brian Walker. “They’re not even close to putting the brakes on the ransomware train.”

Ransomware masterminds are constantly coming up with new tactics for befuddling security professionals, business owners, and the corporate rank and file. You can expect a steady stream of ever-evolving malware and ransomware to be shot out at all corners of the world.

“User awareness is vital,” stressed Aaron Allen. “You could have the latest in security appliances and software, but nothing can prevent all incoming threats. All it takes is a user in your network to click one malicious hyperlink and you can get infected.”

Thrive provides not only a layered array of security hardware and services, but also a comprehensive suite of security tests. These include network assessments to find any potential holes in your network security, and phishing testing, which gauges your company’s susceptibility to scam emails.

We also offer user awareness training. Indeed, a well-trained staff can be the difference between a deftly parried attack and a network catastrophe.

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