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How the Thrive5 Methodology Delivers IT Best Practices

How the Thrive5 Methodology Delivers IT Best Practices

Are your applications and data properly protected? Our Thrive5 Methodology helps answer that critical question for businesses every day.

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Our consultative approach takes a deep dive into multiple segments of IT operations and infrastructure to understand business requirements and provide solutions. At Thrive, we’re well-positioned to provide solutions to existing IT issues while working to prevent potential emerging threats.

The Thrive Technology Assessment

Does your organization need someone to lift up the hood and take a closer look at your IT operations? There’s a good chance the answer to that question is, “Yes.” During the initial phase of the Thrive5 Methodology, we perform a technology assessment that includes an in-depth review of your:

  • Servers
  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Governance
  • Messaging

Looking at the existing solutions, we compare them against IT best practices to identify gaps that can be eliminated to mitigate risk and deliver greater efficiency for the business.

We all know that in 2020, IT departments were thrown a significant curveball. More specifically, backup and disaster recovery became a critical piece of our assessment process as many Americans worked from home. Just last month, a large-scale Google outage struck, affecting end users and their ability to access e-mail, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Classroom, among other things. We help organizations plan for these types of scenarios, among others, to mitigate downtime.

We evaluate business processes as well as technology to ensure you’re meeting your company’s uptime requirements. What is your business willing to tolerate from a downtime or data loss perspective when unexpected events occur? Typically, that tolerance is low. We peel the layers back to understand your current technology stack and make specific recommendations to fill in the gaps and provide perspective on cost and priorities.

Solutions that Meet Your Specific Needs

Nine times out of ten, a company is missing critical tools that enable them to understand the current state of their environment on a real-time basis. That makes it nearly impossible to know how to deploy upgrades and new solutions.

For example, we have seen several organizations using on-premise hardware when it makes more sense to be in the cloud. Part of our assessment process maps out how our clients will migrate to the cloud. Some customers require a full overhaul, while some may only need minor updates. What the majority, if not all of our customers need, is the latest generation of security products, including our fully-developed SIEM/SOC solution, EDR-based protection for workstations, next generation firewalls, and disaster recovery.

As many of our services are standardized and consistent across the board with best practices, we have built out our service delivery and account management structure with the flexibility to align with our clients’ specific needs. Our service delivery teams also have vertical alignments, enabling them to provide additional value and expertise in both their recommendations as well as implementation and a best-in-class customer service experience.


No matter where your employees are currently working, the team at Thrive is here to answer the call and provide solutions through our Thrive5 Methodology. To learn more about creating an IT roadmap for your organization, get in touch with us today!