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How Government Agencies Can Benefit from DPaaS

How Government Agencies Can Benefit from DPaaS

With growing concerns regarding data loss, an increase in the need for data backups, and complex compliance requirements for government agencies, the global data protection as a service (DPaaS) market is expanding.

While the popularity of DPaaS continues to grow among managed service providers, government agencies are also realizing that DPaaS offers numerous advantages when providing secure IT services for internal organizations. To fully take advantage of this service, learn more about what exactly DPaaS is, why the market is rapidly expanding, and how government organizations can harness its value for the best results, continue reading below.

Why is Data Protection Essential for Government Agencies?

The current IT landscape is constantly evolving, with malicious attackers continually devising new ways to attack. Data protection safeguards data from compromise, loss, or corruption, which could include virus and malware attacks, identity theft, scams, and more. Since government organizations may contain sensitive information that is not intended for the public, a security breach could put the privacy of officials, clients, and sensitive data at risk.

With ever-expanding advancements in data protection technology, malicious attackers are also developing new ways<