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The Partner That Knows: Hedge Funds Industry eBook

Today, regulators are taking a stronger interest in understanding and assessing the resilience of alternative investment firms to cyberattacks. Finance firms are 300 times more likely to be targeted by a cyber attack. Hedge funds in particular make for enticing targets not just because they handle large amounts of money, but also because many firms have well-known principals that are highly visible in the market and easy to target. A hedge fund cyber breach would uncover sensitive investor information, intellectual property in the form of trading strategies and investment positions, and even PII of key stakeholders. Information of this magnitude can be used for further breach, sold illegally, and present extreme reputation damage of individuals and the overall business.

The vast financial services ecosystem and global interconnectedness of transactions present an extremely broad attack surface for potential exploitation. Management teams across the industry are prioritizing cybersecurity vigilance as an essential operational component of fiscal business stability.

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