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Google Workspace Price Increase: Finding the Best Cloud Storage Solution

Google Workspace Price Increase: Finding the Best Cloud Storage Solution

Additional contributions to this blog were made by Brad Chase, Senior Director of Sales, SkySync

Following a late-2020 rebranding, Google recently announced price increases for its Workspace product. For many businesses, reducing costs was an important reason to consider products like Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) in the first place.

Now, with price increases taking effect, organizations may have a decision to make about Cloud storage providers. As prices change and limits on storage evolve, it’s easy to understand why businesses may be rethinking their options. While Google Workspace and Office 365 represent the two largest Cloud storage providers on the market, businesses may utilize several other providers such as Box or Dropbox, too.

Does it make sense to continue to utilize all of these services? Is migration the right path forward? The recent Google Workspace price increase may be driving migration thoughts for businesses, as they look to avoid potentially costly contract renewals.

Migrating to a Cloud Storage Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on the need for organizations to have collaboration and productivity tools at the ready, to support those in the office and those working remotely. Every business will have a choice to make when it comes to selecting a SaaS solution capable of driving seamless collaboration.

With costs rising, migrating to a more cost-effective Cloud storage solution is front of min