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Coronavirus and the Need to Accommodate a Flexible Workforce

Coronavirus and the Need to Accommodate a Flexible Workforce

Thrive has been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. Due to a variety of factors, many businesses now face the challenge of accommodating a flexible workforce.

While employees of these companies may be looking forward to the irregular scheduling and a change of scenery during the work week, business owners and IT staff know this scenario will put their remote access, management and security to the test.

Some businesses are equipped with remote access capabilities; many are not.

Companies equipped for remote computing may only be set up to let just a select portion of their staff work remotely. A sudden upsurge of people needing to work from home or elsewhere can tax IT personnel, who will need to rapidly provision and provide appropriate security to support these new remote workers.

Speaking of security, this may become a big issue to organizations. After all, cybercriminals thrive on chaos, and they may launch cyber attacks — such as phishing emails and other deceptive communication — to gain account credentials, breach the network, or install nasty malware like ransomware.

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