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Who is the champion of security at your company?

Who is the champion of security at your company?

For many companies the champion of computer security is the IT Administrator.  How security focused do you think these companies are?  If you are thinking they are probably pretty secure, you would be wrong.  When the IT person is nagging people to be more secure how seriously do they take it?  If someone gets a virus by clicking a link, are there any repercussions or training?  Normally nothing more than a “please be careful and don’t click on odd emails in the future” discussion happens.

A Company with a Culture Focused on Security

Now imagine the CEO being security conscious and touting it in every meeting.  The culture of the company suddenly changes.  People will be more conscious before they click on a link.  Now I’m not recommending a draconian security culture.  I am recommending a culture of education.  Most end users do not know basic computer security, which is normal, as they were not taught it.  Just like new employees need to learn new parts of their job, existing employees need to learn about computer security.  This is not a new concept, but one that is many times forgotten in the age of hardware sales.  Vendors will tell you that this blinky flashy box will protect you from everything.  That is not the case.  Most of the breaches that occur now are caused by a person making a mistake.  Mistakes are bound to happen, but learning from those mistakes is what stops them from happening in the future.

A culture of security that is embraced from the top down, will do more for your computer security posture than almost any piece of hardware you buy.  It is often a lot cheaper too! Contact Thrive today to learn more about how to initiate a culture of security and further protect your business!