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Backup vs. Replication: Opposing or Complementary?

Backup vs. Replication: Opposing or Complementary?

What is Veeam Backup? What is Veeam Replication? Which solution is best for your business and why? Let’s find out!

Veeam Backup & Replication is the foundation of the Veeam Platform, providing backup, recovery, and replication for your critical workloads including VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Linux, enterprise apps, and much more. 

But why do you even need backup and replication, you might ask? Here’s why… 

The Achilles heel of information technology has always been the non-physical nature of data records. Electrons can disappear in startlingly large quantities in less than the blink of an eye. This can happen with a simple user error, by clicking on the wrong menu item for instance, or through sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, which encrypts your data, effectively scrambling it beyond recognition or usability — unless you pay to have it de-encrypted. Then there are natural disasters, like fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. Although, these latter threats are arguably more dangerous to physical files than they are to electronic data given the relative ease with which electronic data can be protected. That is why even before the modern information age, keeping backups of critical data has always been essential. 

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What’s a Backup and how does it work?

A backup is a copy of a set of data or a full system that is made at a specific time and stored away, either on the business premises, at an offsite loca