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Alabama Health System Victim of Ransomware Attack

Alabama Health System Victim of Ransomware Attack

DCH Health System, a three-hospital network in Alabama, has reopened its doors to new patients a couple weeks after ransomware hobbled its computer systems.

According to DCH Health System, critical systems for patient care have been restored, while some nonessential functions are still being repaired.

In an article from Tuscaloosa News, it was stated DCH Health System paid the ransom demanded by the hackers. The hackers provided the keys to decrypt the data.


The high cost of ransomware

Even if you decide to pay the ransom, hackers aren’t always trustworthy. Some companies have been left hanging with no decryption keys after paying the demanded sum.

Also, the actual ransom is not the only cost associated with ransomware attacks.

Can your practice afford to have its computers down for days, weeks, or even months?

When it comes to the aftermath of the attack, you’ll likely pay overtime to internal staff, as well as hire contractors to pick up the slack if there is any deficiency in expertise. This is where the costs can really start piling up.

The costs to restore/repair an entire network and ensure all data and systems are working as before typically far overshadow the actual ransom.

Now, think about the damage to your practice’s reputation. Will people fully trust you? Will they feel comfortable with their personal data in your systems after it has been successfully attacked before?

And don’t forget any fines you may have to pay as a result of the attack.


It’s time to take a stand against ransomware

Is your cybersecurity up to par? Is your staff educated about the latest cyber threats?

What would happen to your business if you got hit with ransomware today? Would you be out of business in the near future if you couldn’t get your systems back up and running?

If you’re worried about ransomware, schedule your free cybersecurity consultation. Get your cybersecurity questions answered!

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