Contact Centre Services

Deliver a multi-channel, always-on service to your customers while enhancing agent productivity and first call resolution

Choosing the Right Contact Centre Technology Partner

In today’s marketplace, there is an expectation that contact centres are available 24×7. From the fledgling call centres of the 1970s to the multi-channel experiences of the 21st century, the contact centre has always had a critical role to play in ensuring excellent customer service.

Today’s customers have embraced multiple media in every aspect of their lives and expect to be able to move seamlessly from one medium to another. They may initiate a contact via social media, follow up by SMS and ultimately have their query resolved via email.

However, many organisations feel they may lack the internal resource or experience to provide this level of service. Today’s multi-channel contact centres embrace traditional IPT telephony, email, SMS, web chat and social platforms to personalise the individual customer experience.

However, this degree of complexity can present challenges to organisations aiming to deliver a seamless experience in real-time. Each organisation’s journey towards embracing contact centres is different. While they may be looking to arrive at the same destination, they will have started from different places, with different legacy equipment, and will have employed different strategies along the way.

If you need help building a business case for change, we will work with you to develop a solution that emphasises improvements in business intelligence, user experience and customer satisfaction to deliver a rapid and sustainable return on your investment.

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Contact Centre Services from Thrive

Organisations are increasingly looking to offset or outsource some of the cost and responsibility of delivering a multi-channel customer contact centre. So, it is important to select a partner with the right level of expertise to deliver the list of requirements for modern business communications.

However, in order to maximise the return on their investment, organisations also seek to benefit from a wide range of value-add features in an environment that supports open standards and will support the future needs of the organisation.

When designing a new contact centre solution, we always start with the users. By analysing and understanding the way your users interact with each other, we are able to design and implement a solution that overcomes the traditional barriers to effective communication. This informed approach to systems design helps to reduce costs, simplify the communications process and deliver a better user experience.

Delivering a robust, multi-channel experience requires the integration of a range of communication platforms, where agents have access to customer histories across multiple media. Where possible, we would look to extend your current investment in technology and process. Combined with our user-centric approach, this not only saves you time and money, but also accelerates adoption as users are more likely to support an environment they had a role in creating.

Benefits of Thrive Contact Center Services

  • Consolidate infrastructure to reduce costs and complexity, and improve existing operations
  • Increase customer revenue, satisfaction and loyalty with improved service levels
  • Provide agents with immediate access to scripts, applications and real-time and historic customer interactions
  • Improve the agent experience to improve job satisfaction and motivation; a happy agent means a happy customer
  • Deliver customer self-service tools to enhance the customer experience and alleviate agent resources
  • Integrate CRM, administration applications and Unified Communications and
  • Collaboration tools to optimise interaction with back-office support staff
  • Provide multi-channel support to customers including: email, web chat, SMS, social media and video collaboration