Backup and Disaster Recovery

As the volume of data increases, traditional backup procedures come under increasing pressure as they simply weren’t designed to cope with the exponential growth of business data.
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The Core of Business Continuity

Running outdated and unreliable backup and recovery technologies puts your data at risk. Disaster situations result in lost productivity, lost confidence and lost income – something that is only worsened by a lengthy recovery process.

To combat this, organisations are investing their cloud and managed service budgets into online backup and recovery.

Thrive’s industry-leading Backup and Disaster Recovery services are delivered from our Tier 3+ data centres and provide rapid, secure, reliable access to your essential business data where and when you need it, no matter where your infrastructure sits.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

By combining expertise with market-leading products and services, Thrive can deliver a comprehensive continuity solution that guarantees the safety and availability of your data in a range of loss scenarios – from one-off accidental deletion to a company-wide disaster situation.

Our solutions can be stand-alone or mixed-and-matched to produce a backup and DR solution that is bespoke to your needs – complementing public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Our family of backup and disaster recovery solutions include:

  • Nimbus Data Recover
  • Nimbus Data Recover for Office 365
  • Nimbus Site Recover
  • Nimbus Veeam Cloud Connect

Nimbus Data Recover

Nimbus Data Recover, our fully managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution, enables you to securely back up a wide range of applications, operating systems, hypervisors, and critical data sets to the cloud. Back-ups are stored in Thrive’s data centres with flexible retention options ranging from minutes to permanent storage.

You can use Nimbus Data Recover to back up both on-premises and cloud infrastructure, as well as benefit from the full operational support delivered by our 24×7 support team.

Nimbus Data Recover offers you solutions with or without local on-premises copies of your data, allowing for LAN speed recovery and multiple copies of your data for additional protection.

Nimbus Data Recover for Office 365

Microsoft provides a wide array of powerful services within Office 365 – but a comprehensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them.

Nimbus Data Recover for Office 365, powered by Veeam®, eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Your data is always available and protected.

Nimbus Site Recover

Nimbus Site Recover delivers fully-managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), providing you with off-site standby copies of your virtual infrastructure.

You can recover your services in as little as 15 minutes, with the peace of mind of Thrive’s 100% availability service level. DR runtime of one month is included as standard, with the option to extend if required.

There are two Nimbus Site Recover options available:

  • Standard: Providing cost-effective recovery for organisations and workloads with less time-critical recovery requirements.
  • Premium: Offering an enhanced feature set, quicker recovery time and more granular restoration points for an organisation’s critical and time sensitive workloads.

Nimbus Veeam Cloud Connect

Nimbus Veeam Cloud Connect delivers a powerful and reliable off-site backup of your data, which you can access and manage securely via an online console.

You can mitigate the risk of catastrophic data loss with Thrive’s 100% availability service level, benefit from the peace of mind that your data will always remain in the UK and ensure you do not incur any unexpected costs.

The flexibility of the solution allows you to adjust your off-site storage requirements as your environment changes, making off-site storage an operational cost.

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Key Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • RESILIENCE – All the resilience of geographically remote data centres with automatic failover and redundancy; ensuring your data is always available.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Scale your back-up and storage requirements quickly and easily to reflect changing demand.
  • COST EFFICIENCY – Hardware and services available on a monthly subscription basis; eliminating the need for capital investment.
  • SECURITY – End-to-end security includes low-latency encryption of data both at rest and in motion, providing compliant data protection.
  • PERFORMANCE – Best-in-class hardware and software components deliver rapid back-up and recovery times, in accordance with industry-leading SLAs.
  • SIMPLICITY – Easy to set-up and manage; cloud services from ONI eliminate the need for on-site maintenance and feature intuitive, web-based control panels.

Thrive Cloud Readiness Assessment

The wide-ranging benefits of cloud computing may be significant. However, the scoping, deployment and management of a hybrid cloud environment are not straightforward. Businesses looking to migrate to the cloud may have concerns over security, data sovereignty, performance or availability.

The Thrive cloud readiness assessment spans people, processes, and technology to assess an organisation’s preparedness for the cloud. By clearly establishing the current and desired future state of your infrastructure, we can develop a sustainable roadmap to help you achieve your business transformation objectives.

Our consultants will provide you with proactive recommendations for future strategic development and design a hybrid infrastructure that is tailored to help your organisation meet its long-term objectives.

Take a Guided Tour of our Data Centre

Our Tier 3+ data centre in Luton has provided our clients with over seven years of 100% uptime. With this in mind, I’d like to invite you to come and see it in action on one of our guided tours.

You’ll have the opportunity to see both our colocation and private cloud services, and meet our cloud and data centre experts, who will discuss any specific requirements you have and answer your questions.