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The growth of the internet and digital technology has fundamentally altered consumer behaviour, empowering shoppers with instant access to information and a wealth of purchasing options.
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Managed IT Solutions for Retail and Distribution

The retail industry has undergone an amazing transformation in the past twenty years. Today’s consumers are connected – to devices, to data, to each other. They demand a joined-up shopping experience; one in which the web, mobile channels and physical stores overlap. They have come to expect a buying experience that is tailored to their individual preferences.

The number of purchases physically taking place in-store is on the decline, as customers embrace the convenience and simplicity of online shopping. Mobile purchasing is the largest growth market, with year on year growth being experienced for both mobile browsing and in-app purchases.

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Retail and Distribution Industry Challenges

  • Consumers have become more demanding, requiring organisations to deliver a consistent buying experience across multiple platforms on multiple devices
  • Increased pressure for regulatory compliance, customer data protection and PCI DSS for online purchasing
  • Seamless integration of e-Commerce applications with back-office, finance and supply chain management processes
  • Providing multi-channel customer support, before during and post-purchase
  • Delivering a shopping experience that benefits from process automation but is personalised at the point of use

Thrive Solutions for Retail and Distribution

  • Delivering a better customer experience by providing staff with real-time access to accurate, up-to-date customer data
  • Integrating disparate systems with a single set of master data to inform purchasing, stock control, invoicing and logistics
  • Scalable on-premise, Cloud or hybrid infrastructure solutions with the flexibility to deal with changing economic conditions and seasonal demands
  • Omni-channel Contact Centre solutions with the latest in intelligent routing, queue-busting, call recording and self-service applications
  • HD audio and video call recording solutions for PCI DSS compliance, targeted user training and dispute resolution
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