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Education – Blessed Sacrament

Overhauling a school’s IT infrastructure to support the evolving technology needs of today’s high-tech classrooms.

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Blessed Sacrament School is a private school in Walpole, Mass., with nearly 400 students ranging from preschool through 8th grade. The school’s administration sought out to update their IT infrastructure to support the technology needs that were increasingly integrated into the curriculum, including an iPad initiative for grades 4-8, a circulating iPad cart for Pre-K through grade 3, a technology lab, a science lab, and interactive white boards in several classrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for an upgraded network and wireless access points as more curriculum was shifted to iPads than originally planned.


A long-time Thrive customer, Blessed Sacrament reached out to the Thrive team to overhaul their existing network with the latest technology to create a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure to support their growing classroom technology requirements. To support a vast increase of individual student devices, a strong WiFi network was imperative to ensure reliable, fast connections for remote learning, but their environment had to be reconstructed from the ground up. While undergoing this digital transformation with Thrive’s NextGen platform, Thrive’s senior principal consulting team determined they would require a 1GB fiber backbone to meet the growing demand of media streaming and virtual classrooms.

This increased connection speed, along with configuring cutting-edge networking solutions, has positioned the school to operate an advanced learning environment in a post-pandemic world. Thrive’s advanced supply chain and project management teams were able to quickly implement the solution in time for school to begin. The Director of Technology is now able to be proactive about future technology initiatives, such as MDM, and focus on what’s most important – the students.


With 90 percent of students returning to school at least part time after the initial COVID-19 shutdowns, the newly updated WiFi network offered the speed and reliability to support the large number of devices used throughout the day within the school network. Teachers and administrators have the peace of mind that their network is secure with superior firewall technology that provides real-time threat assessment and monitoring. In the event there is ever an IT issue, the school’s Director of Technology can reach out to the Thrive team for fast communication and support via Thrive’s client portal, The Thrive Platform, powered by ServiceNow.

Blessed Sacrament“With such a growing emphasis on technology in the classroom, we wanted to make sure we had the right IT infrastructure in place to set our students and teachers up for success. We had built a relationship with the Thrive team over the years, and we trusted their expertise to overhaul our existing network to set a strong foundation for our expanding technology initiatives.” ~ Rob Hall, Director of Technology, Blessed Sacrament School

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