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Security Information and Event Management

As critical security issues continue to pose a 24×7 risk to enterprise technology systems, you need a comprehensive SIEM solution that scales, can flexibly meet changing needs and demands, and provides clear, actionable information. The NextGen cybersecurity experts at Thrive offer a Security Information and Event Management solution that delivers comprehensive investigation, analysis and remediation. Secure your organization 24×7.

Cybersecurity Fully managed fully hosted solution

A Fully Managed, Fully Hosted Solution

Thrive’s Managed SIEMaaS with Security Monitoring offers our clients a fully-managed and hosted SIEM solution which provides a service-oriented IT infrastructure monitoring platform. The system collects data from hosts, network devices, applications, IoT nodes, and security platforms within the organization, and adds real-time context and intelligent alerts for a more complete threat assessment. It also provides customizable reports that give insight into compliance, performance, availability, and security across every aspect of your mission-critical IT infrastructure.


The Thrive Platform Delivers Real Benefits

Thrive’s highly credentialed team delivers clarity and confidence in the face of unexpected security attacks. Their team has the proven experience to go toe-to-toe with the most advanced hackers or even the wayward employee who accidentally or unknowingly left a virtual door open.









Managed SIEMaaS with Security Monitoring

Thrive combines machine learning with certified experts to provide real-time analysis of alerts generated by servers, networks, and cloud based apps. When an event is detected, Thrive’s SIEM alerts the security operations center (SOC). The SOC team then responds to the alert based on its type and severity. Following a prompt, thorough investigation where the team analyzes all of the information available about the threat, Thrive’s team provides a recommended course of action for remediation and improved future protection. 

Cybersecurity Managed SIEMaaS Security
Cybersecurity Unified threat management

Unified Threat Management and Mitigation

Powered by the robust Fortinet FortiSIEM platform, Thrive’s Managed SIEMaaS with Security Monitoring delivers advanced data correlation and real-time analytics monitored by Thrive’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center to identify and assess real-time threats to your organization.

  • Real-time analysis of security & network threats by Thrive’s Security Operations Center
  • Ongoing device discovery and alert optimization
  • Standard and custom rules for incident alerting
  • Security Incident Dashboard
  • SaaS security monitoring available

Stop Attacks Before They Happen

The data that powers your company passes through a complex network of IT infrastructure, internal resources, and end-user applications. Stay ahead of the most sophisticated hackers with Thrive’s SIEM and UTM services.