Customer Satisfaction

We strive to make every interaction the best it can possibly be.

Powered by Your Feedback

Our customers’ feedback matters to us. From the initial sales process, during implementation, and through ongoing support, we strive to make every interaction the best it can possibly be. To ensure we achieve this objective, we implemented customer satisfaction (CSAT) measurement in August 2020.

Simple, Powerful Feedback

Our CSAT measurement is linked to an automated ticketing system which prompts customers to provide easy feedback on how we’re doing after every ticket raised, simply by clicking on one of three “smileys”.

Customer Satisfaction Smileys
Customer Satisfaction team 01

A Team Dedicated to Yours

We’re pleased that since implementing this measurement, we’ve enjoyed consistently high (93-96% positive) feedback and we’re constantly reviewing our scores to see how we can continue to improve. That’s one reason you’ll see our live score on every page of our website. Few of our competitors are confident enough to do the same.

More Than Just Smileys and Numbers

There’s more to it than smileys and numbers: Our 24-Hour TAC (Technical Assistance Centre) is on hand throughout the day and night to meet the needs of our customers and ensure they are fully supported with whatever issue they may have.

“Very impressed that I received regular and informative updates during a major service outage. Didn’t have to keep chasing, and got the update when I was told I was going to get it which made communications at my end with the wider business a whole lot easier.”
“Excellent service by Thrive, very professional and assisted with the issue and resolved it in a very quick way. Fantastic support.”
“All done super quick thanks to excellent instructions. Thank you Thrive.”